Sep 30 - Oct 3 2015
Orlando, Florida
The Genii has granted one more wish.

Genii: The Conjurors' Convention 2015

Many people have said that the 75th Anniversary Genii Bash in 2012 was the best convention they'd ever attended. An eye-opening number of people joined us, and they have relentlessly requested that we do it again.

Good news: We're Doing It Again!
Great news: It Will Be Even Better!

Mark your calendars, folks, for the most insightful, joyful, and unforgettable weekend of your magical life: September 30 to October 3.

Dealers will open for Early Bird Dealer Room in the late afternoon of Wednesday September 30; there may be private workshops on Sunday October 4. Regular convention days are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Oct.1, 2, 3. Activities will start at noon on Thursday October 1.

The price is just $299 if you register now: that's less expensive than MAGIC Live!, the I.B.M./S.A.M. Combined Convention, and half the price of FISM. Plus, you're in beautiful Orlando in October—the biggest vacation destination in the United States where there is endless fun at theme parks within minutes of the convention.

We are contracting a mixture of the biggest names in magic as well as outstanding yet less well-known talents. During our time together, we'll venture into unexplored corners of magic. We will share with you performances and effects you won't believe even as you're seeing them. And, we believe you'll have a new favorite magician by the end of the weekend. He is that good.

The most important thing is that Richard, Andi, and Josh are really excited about this. We come from vastly different perspectives, but we're united in our desire to craft a truly wonderful weekend for our friends, readers, and fellow magicians. Make plans now to join us for Genii: The Conjurer's Convention.

Register now ($299)

The Florida Hotel and Conference Center

The convention hotel will sell out long before the convention registrations. Staying at the convention hotel—which many people feel is the best convention venue they've experienced—is the perfect option, so secure your reservation with The Florida Hotel and Conference Center as soon as possible.

We have secured the outstanding rate of just $105 per night. The normal $18 “amenities fee” has been waived. There is free self-parking, free Wi-Fi in your room, free daily bottled water, free daily newspaper, free use the fitness and business center and pool. The hotel is great, and the rate is a steal in the area. Make sure to mention “Genii Convention” to get this rate or click here to book your room now.

Bring the family! Orlando is an amazing place for families and a romantic place for couples. You might consider extending your stay and visiting Walt Disney World, Universal Studios (home of The Wizardling World of Harry Potter), or Sea World. We have secured the special hotel rate of $105 per night for the length of your stay, several days both before and after the convention.

About the Genii Convention

The Genii Bash in 2012 was an unprecedented success. The event was oversold, and all major events ended in a standing ovation. The lineup was, according to most, the best they had ever encountered at a magic convention.

We are also making some changes. The Genii team has added two new partners to the mix: Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin. These two guys are a perfect fit: they are both professional magicians, they organize two of the best conventions, and they bring a fresh perspective. With more than 15 years of convention-planning experience between them, Josh and Andi are a logical choice for where we want to take The Conjurer’s Convention.

We are altering the schedule to allow more time between events so you have time to hang out with your friends and the celebrity magicians attending the convention. We just can’t throw a party this cool without letting everyone enjoy each other’s company, make new friends, and share great effects. We’ll have some of the finest close-up magicians in the world strolling around to ensure you get to see magic up close. We’ll have a schedule filled with intriguing events, but this time you won’t have to skip something to eat lunch. Problem solved.

We will also have crystal clear projection this time, and airtight technical production. That’s a promise.

Performers & speakers

We’re not quite ready to announce performers, but you can be sure of one thing: the collection of magicians that will appear in Orlando for us will surpass all expectations. Whether your love is manipulation, close-up, magic theory, Tenyo effects, illusions, history, or the variety arts, we have invited the best magicians in every branch of our art to speak and perform.

Richard Kaufman
Andi Gladwin
Joshua Jay
Rob Zabrecky
Derek Hughes
The Fat Brothers

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